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The POWeR programme will help you to find out what works for YOU.

It will help you become your own personal health coach by offering you different POWeR tools to learn each week. You can find out which tools work best for you and fit with your lifestyle. You may also find the tools useful in other areas of your life!!
Welcome to POWeR!
POWeR is a Positive Online Weight Reduction programme to help YOU lose weight.
What makes POWeR different from other weight loss programmes?

You may have tried other weight loss programmes that may have been helpful for only a short time. The POWeR programme will help you to learn about scientifically proven tools that will help you to lose weight long-term.
POWeR has been designed by a team of health experts and is based on the most up to date evidence. Click here to find out about the POWeR team.
The POWeR Team
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POWeR is only suitable for adults with a BMI of 25 and above.
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